Remembering Liza

Help Stop Domestic Violence

It was October 2, 2004. There was a knock on my door at 5 am. There had been a my daughter’s house!

I called my son Eric. He went to her house immediately, but was stopped at a police roadblock. I drove in a panic to the Princetown Trooper barracks.

The police gave us both the terrible news. On the night before, my 29-year old daughter had been murdered by her husband.

Liza was a beautiful, loving, generous person, with a gift for making people feel special. She was a successful hairstylist at a top salon. She had studied in New York City and hoped to work there someday.

Liza's story is one that you hear much too often. The more self-confident and successful she became, the more her manipulative husband felt he was losing power over her.

She tried to share her dreams of New York City with him, but he refused to consider moving. He became even more controlling.

He dictated where they would go and with whom, and tried to isolate her from her family. She told me she wouldn't have a child with him, because she would need to work and she would worry about their baby in his care.

The day came when she told him she was unhappy and wanted a trial separation. He tied her up, raped her, and tried to suffocate her with a pillow. Liza moved out and went into hiding. One day, she went back to get some things, but he was not at work as expected. He was at the house, threatening to kill himself.

Liza arranged for him to see his doctor, and he was soon admitted to a mental health facility. She moved back into the house she loved, and changed all the locks.

Her husband was discharged after eight days. He stole a gun and waited outside the house for Liza to come home. The new deadbolt didn't stop him. He tore the door off its hinges, killed my precious daughter, and took his own life.

This man, who said he loved my daughter and claimed to be so devoted to her, murdered her! Liza's death affected her family, friends, clients, and the whole community.

My whole life is forever changed. I miss my wonderful daughter every day. No family should ever suffer the way mine has. I founded Family and Friends of Liza Ellen Warner Association, Inc., and we will do whatever we can to keep others from sharing Liza's fate.

How We Help

Speaking Engagements

Family and Friends of Liza Ellen Warner Association is very active in the community speaking about domestic violence to raise awareness. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us for more information.

Assisting Local Domestic Violence Agencies

Family and Friends of Liza Ellen Warner Association provides financial assistance to local domestic violence agencies. Our goal is to “fill in the gaps” of existing services.

Pet Shelter

Family and Friends of Liza Ellen Warner Association is in the process of working with local pet shelters that will foster care pets while a victim is in transition to a safe place.

Please contact us for more information.