Remembering Liza

Help Stop Domestic Violence

The Family and Friends of Liza Ellen Warner honor her memory by educating students and communities about the dangers of domestic violence. We empower those affected by violence, by supporting organizations that promote victim safety and abuser accountability.

Family and Friends of Liza Ellen Warner is a 501c (3) organization and all donations are tax exempt to the fullest extent of the law.

How We Started

Liza Ellen Warner's life was tragically cut short when her husband shot and killed her on October 1, 2004. Martha Lasher-Warner, Liza's mother, wanted to find a way to turn her family's tragic loss into a means of raising awareness and restoring hope. Martha, along with others dedicated to her cause, formed Family and Friends of Liza Ellen Warner Association, Inc.

Goals and Objectives

  • Raise funds to support local domestic violence agencies
  • Arrange foster care for pets of victims in transition
  • Increase public awareness of domestic violence
  • Educational programming
  • Improve New York laws regarding domestic violence
  • Complement and change existing services through collaboration with other organizations and agencies